Discord - Official Home for CE Chat

Help on joining in the Core-Exiles community chat. We run a 24X7 dedicated Discord chat server. You can connect with the in game chat which opens in a browser or via one of their many desktop apps.
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Discord - Official Home for CE Chat

Post by Coops » Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:11 pm

We are officially moving over to Discord as our Permanent Official home for Core-Exiles. We have trialed the Server and client sets ups for several weeks now and digested the feedback both public and private from CE players.

Discord offers us a permanent non interrupted and limitless (visitor) environment. It uses the latest technologies and by default can be accessed through modern browsers. IT also has a host of download / install apps for most operating systems and once installed is very easy to use.

We have migrated all the in game links for chat to open the discord Core-Exiles Channel. You do NOT have to register to use discord if you do not wish to. Doing so though will reserve what ever nickname you choose and is very simple to do. Then from that point on when ever you enter chat it will always know who you are by default.

You can track chat you missed since the last visit and even keep Private message sessions alive from visit to visit. OR leave a message for a friend who might be offline.

In respect of the Blind / Vi players we had a majority vote for 'usability' of the browser version. Discord themselves are promising more integration with the apps over time but the general feedback from the VI is that the browser version is by far better than any other chat app they have used.

We will still maintain the IRC channels for a while whilst players migrate over to deciding how they will use the new Discord chat. But eventually we will close the IRC channel altogether.

If you have not tried the new chat yet, give it a whirl. Once you have gone through the orientation and used it for a while I suspect like many others you will use it far more often than before. Which can only be good for Core-Exiles over time.

For those of you looking for an external link to open the chat use THIS LINK


P.S i have removed all the old IRC posts here and updated the rules post.

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