A suggestion: The addition of Headers

A section for the Blind or Visually Impaired to chat and discuss screen-readers and Braille systems. When posting here please ensure you remember the target audience.
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A suggestion: The addition of Headers

Post by Morzorak » Tue Aug 20, 2019 6:02 pm

Ahoy fellow captains:

I am suggesting the addition of headers. I believe that if headers were added to the game, navigation through the many options on the many pages would be easier and faster for those of us using screen readers. They could be used to help seperate or divide the various pages into sections allowing for easier movement from one section to another.

I have read some of the articles here referring to navigating using the 'tab'key, and jumping from button to button. As these are both good options, they both have their limitations. For example, I cannot navigate using the tab key as many others do. I play on an iPad (this btw is awesome), and a Macbook. This suggestion, if implemented, would not affect the currently used or available navigation techniques.

Lets say for example I am undocked at New Orion, in the Feris system, and I want to go to the Game Info. This takes around 35 keystrokes going control/element by control/element. If I want to jump there by buttons, I will over-shoot it and then have to back-arrow to it (11 keystrokes). If strategic headers were placed on each page, I believe this would cut down on navigation time.

I understand there is some concern with the visual layout of the pages needing to be preserved. Headers of course come in 6 different sizes and the size of the header is irrelevant, as long as it is a header you can navigate from one to another. Admittedly, I have not used a Windows based PC for quite some time, I believe that navigating by headers is a feature of all modern screen readers when on a webpage.

I think some useful placements of these headers would be (including but not limited to):
* Current location or Status
* Game Info
* Palisade
* Navigation
* You may
* Mailbox
* submit bug report

It was discussed that around the time I signed up there were many others that were blind/VI that signed up as well, but that many of them did not stay and make it past level 1. I found out about the game from a post on a website for the blind/VI. I wonder if they did also, and if many of them were Mac or idevice users. If so they may have given up because of the daunting task of navigating so many controls/elements. Headers are a very popular means of navigating most webpages.
I look forward to everyones thoughts on this suggestion, and hope any questions or clarifications will be posted here.

Thanks for the consideration,
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Re: A suggestion: The addition of Headers

Post by Gruntok » Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:31 pm

It sounds good, I tackled this issue by placing page markers with jaws, but it is of course, only limited to windows and jaws users.
With regards to the look and feel of the page, with the use of css, headers can be applied without affecting the way texts looks like.
I give my +1 to this idea.
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Re: A suggestion: The addition of Headers

Post by Morzorak » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:38 pm

Another crazy idea is:
On every page is the status (docked or undocked). Iwas thinking if this status was made into a duplicate of the ‘refresh data’ link, that really useful link would be even that much easier to get to.
So then basically clicking on ‘docked’ would take you to the promenade and the ‘undocked’ would take you to the navigation screen. Only hick-up is I don’t know how each page is generated, so if this would be something that could be changed/setup once, or if it would basically need to be done on each page. The latter would not be worth the effort.

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