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CE Store Rank Claims

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 2:27 am
by Historical Archives
New Ranks!
Reviewing the rankings, as I do from time to time it’s apparent that a few of you have reached or are about to reach the maximum Faction Ranks in your Chosen professions.

Some of you have reached ‘Board Status’ in some companies whilst others are reaching Admiral status in various Military branches. So today I have added three NEW ranks to ALL the Factions.

These Ranks are titles as follows and allow the holder to request the following :

CE Addict = £10 Store Voucher
CE Adept = £20 Store Voucher
CE Respected = £30 Store Voucher

You may only claim EACH Rank title ONCE per player. IE with Military ranks you can go UP and Down. So only One claim per title per faction.

This is as a sign of respect to our players who REALLY push the envelope and support us through longevity of play. Some of you have been with us for years now and that’s some commitment to a browser-based game so these ranks are for YOU.

A select few of you MAY have already breeched the first of those titles in your various categories, but the others will NOT be easy to obtain. These are long term goals so don’t expect to slip into the next Rank any time soon.

To claim your prize please either email me direct or PM me in game. (Please do not claim via Chat). Each claim will be verified and it should be noted you will ONLY be eligible for the CURRENT rank.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include your current live email address


The value of these Ranks has been amended: January 2018.

Re: CE Store Rank Claims

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 7:29 am
by Coops
This offer has been in place for well over a year now and been successfully used without issue so far, but recently there seems to be some confusion arising so I will try to reply to various requests for clarification I've had over the last week. Most of which is no more than repeating what it says above in the original post.

The above post indicates we reward those that stay with us and work hard in their chosen profession with rewards. Each Faction ends in three faction titles - CE Addict, CE Adept and CE Respected.

You may claim each time you activate one of these tiles in any of the factions. Yes this also means you can claim if you get the same rank in multiple factions over time. It's our way of thanking you for sticking around.

The only caveat is that you must BE the rank you are claiming, IE no claiming retroactively and you may only claim each distinct rank per faction once.

Claim via PM to me Coops and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include your current live email address. One you collect email on. Still no one reads that part and still I have to ask for them, again and again :rolleyes:

Coops, Feb 7, 2013

P.S I have removed all the other posts from the old main dev post as that was an announcement post and is locked for a reason. Should you wish to further question please do so on an open post like this.

The value of these Ranks has been amended: January 2018.