Pictorial Guides - How Too - New Players READ!

Everyone was new at one time or another - This section holds our helpful Guides written by players and staff. Plus Primers written by the Developers.
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Pictorial Guides - How Too - New Players READ!

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Recently I've been getting a number of players asking direct new players questions like how do I fit something to my ship, how do I repair my ship. for almost all these newbie style questions there is a pictorial guide.

These were introduced last year and were made by staff and players. They cover the most common questions we get from players who have just started and never played quite such a game as CE before. (for those coming from the Crime and Gangsters type games CE can be overly confusing initially.)

The Pictorial Guides literally walk you through how to do the relevant topic. They carry direct instructions even marking relevant sections with arrows on the images in case you missed it.

The section in game is under the top left drop down but for those in need of a direct feed here are the relevant links for reference :

Moving from System to System Click Me

How do I equip something on to my ship? Click Me

How do I find the NPC mission details? Click Me

How do I Mine Ore? Click Me

How do I Refine Ore? Click Me

How do I 'Trade' things to other players? Click Me

How do I find somewhere? Click Me

How do I collect something? Click Me

How do I repair my ship? Click Me

How do I participate in Combat? Click Me

How do I send an in game email? Click Me

How do I use the Player Market Click Me

I want to use an Extractor Click Me

How do I use a Fuel Depot? Click Me

How do I Craft items in game? Click Me

How do I Recycle items? Click Me

What is Voting and how do I do it ? Click Me

What is the GBM and how do I use it? Click Me

How do I build a Mech? Click Me

How do I deploy a Mech? Click Me

These were the most common questions asked when we used Live Help and so were turned into Pictorial How To's. For more frequently asked questions check out the FAQ System

If you cannot find the answer to your question why not ASK the Question through the FAQ and we will endeavor to answer it. Please note the FAQ is for play guides and will not divulge things like - how to make the most XP or credits. Somethings you will have to work out for yourselves.

The in game IRC / Chat is also a good way to find out an answer. If players cant answer, enter the help channel and ask. We try to monitor the help channel as much as we can..

Probably the biggest support system for new players are the Guilds themselves. Many of these are more than happy to help their newest members and will even in some cases assign you a mentor to help you work through any early issues or queries.

If you still cant find what you need place a question in the forums, you will find plenty of players monitor the forums and are happy to answer new player questions. Remember everyone was new at some stage.


P.S If you wish to create more pictorial 'how to' guides, please contact a member of staff for more information.