Gaming the Stock Market - a guide for beginners

Everyone was new at one time or another - This section holds our helpful Guides written by players and staff. Plus Primers written by the Developers.
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Gaming the Stock Market - a guide for beginners

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You may have noticed Stocks & Shares on the banking tab.
This is how to play it to gain some extra credits.

All companies value fluctuates randomly so no need to guess which company will do better than another.

Buy any stock at 15 cr (you aren't allowed to buy at less than this).
Buy 3000 shares at a time (you aren't allowed to buy more).
Buy up to 30 lots of 3000 (max allowed). This will cost roughly 1.4 million cr.

Watch the price regularly and if it gets to 29 cr or better, sell the lot.
Never ignore a profit.
You could hang on for a better profit but you also risk the stock dropping.
Your money can then be re-invested at another company trading at 15 cr.
Easy money. :)
29 cr is a figure I use because it will cover the rather large commissions for buying and selling.
You can see from the chart which companies have been traded in and they are usually around the 15 cr level. All the other companies trading at 429 cr etc, avoid like a smelly SNARG.

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