the Incomplete Guide to Piracy II

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the Incomplete Guide to Piracy II

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he NPC's (or why you go pirate anyway)
listed below are the current pirate faction NPC's - the rewards they offer are the only real reason to go pirate anyway. let's take a look at them - including the two ConFed NPC's who you will probably end up on speaking terms with anyway.

Boris Volt, Ignitus, Tanari
XP 71,000
C$ 774,500
IP 2,000
Boris Volt is stunningly handsome, rich and has a coach and four to drive you round his parkland in (straight up honest, he's a girl's wet dream, guys). his mission tree needs rather odd loots and is a good deposit for secure mail, pulse rifles, nabaru artifacts and other odd ball "wtf?" stuff which appears in your combat career gains, although the alien pets might be hard to find. on the other hand, you need to be fairly desperate to work for the IP gained, the XP is meagre and with the price public data cubes are changing hands - the credits are pitiful. spoiler for lady pirates, don't fall for him, you put out for him and the b******d dumps you and goes back to his wife.

Korey Fox, Hawks Hideout, Kell Expanse
XP 93,000
C$ 1,055,000
IP 5,000
this evil man is typical of primitive system mafia types, he's incompetent, bungling and can't organise a decent team if he tried to. he gets us a bad name. you will need a fairly decent sized cargo hold to complete (250 tops) but this is fairly reachable even for low spec fighters and assault craft. the total of 480 narcotics is a harder call and they fetch high prices on the GBM. the seriously bad news is you are not getting paid anything for them. the IP reward stands on it's own and for this reason alone Korey Fox is probably the only pirate NPC both easy(ish) to complete and worth the effort.

R9 personal assistant
XP 170,000
C$ 325,500
IP 5,000
weird one this, R9's employer is a dribbling psychopath who makes less sense than the average bad trip. he enjoys having gardeners brutally murdered so he has some serious issues but anyway. the hard part about R9 is that like Casandra McConnell, R9's missions are single target "named" hits, but the downside is that you have NO clues as to where to find your targets. you just have to make an intelligent guess as to the law level and tech level of the target's "hangout" and start looking. the bounty paid isn't impressive but the nice trickle of IP vouchers (500 each mission) is pleasantly rewarding to start with. although by the time you hit "Robin Gentry" (groan...) you are probably wondering if the ends justify the jeans. you will have a further curiosity to contend with. R9 needs pirate standing to enter - however all of R9's targets are themselves Pirate or red "unfriendly" aligned ships. take your commercial trackers off - they will not help you. to detect your targets specifically will need an array of threat detectors. strange but there you go.

Lottie Savage, Jabboria Outpost, Vassa
XP 119,000
C$ 553,000
IP 8,000
this b**** is the worst case of pms i've yet to meet. don't be taken in by the IP reward only the last 4 missions give IP vouchers and you will need to be a seasoned combat pilot and know all the tricks to earn them. the money shot at the end, Gilbert Grisuum is a seriously tough nut who needs a special trip out to Anvil (and back) to get him and he is tougher than i can take on in a fully kitted level 55 ship and loadout. allegedly, Lottie will hack the GalFed computers and zero your bounty but i cannot prove this as there is no means of checking your bounty currently and it probably counts for very little anyway. by the time you have finished trashing GalFed shipping, your ConFed standing will be enough to pass muster with both the ConFed NPC's which brings me neatly to...

Selena Hasker
XP 153,000
C$ 1,429,600
IP 4,000
when NPC faction requirements were introduced, Selena Hasker's decision to side with ConFed caused more wailing and gnashing of teeth than anything else. with a mission chain end needing 500 animal pelts (she buys 2370 of them in total), she needs a good sized haulers ship to complete, she was the explorer's saviour and her sudden allegiance to ConFed meant Animal Pelts became basically worthless and the bottom dropped out the market for them. at 600 cpu she doesn't pay great money for them but she is a hauler's NPC and the XP award is good and the 4,000 IP is a serious boost for the generally dull life of the average cargo hauler. the irony - that you have to attack "friendly" shipping to earn ConFed reputation means you will probably be well into a combat career without a ship (or the device skills) to carry 500 units in hold, delaying completion until later in your game when the rewards are worth rather less for the effort.

Melamore Cubin
XP 39,000
C$ 247,680
IP 0
let me say that Melamore is probably the most useless NPC in the game and is not a reason to consider building the ConFed standing needed at all. at the moment... Melamore needs 620 galactic news to complete her mission tree, she gives no IP points (she is not in a position to, she is working under the "official" radar as it is). she pays an average of 400 creds per unit for delivery and the XP reward is pitiful. a mall store (goods) returns 385 credits per unit - if you are stuck with a heap of hundreds of "dead tree" editions of galactic news - open a mall store and get rid of them there. Melamore may not be the dead end she appears. she is well placed underneath ConFed society (she has survived at least) and ironically completing her mission chain may open up opportunities with GalFed looking for a well placed agent to spy on ConFed. be aware that dealing with Melamore could in the future put you at odds with the ConFed hierarchy for aiding subversive behaviour but for the moment you are probably safe from any repercussions.

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