Your own S.N.A.R.G

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Your own S.N.A.R.G

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First off thank you so much for helping me recently. Your help and assistance in locating all the mission crates enabled me to make some great leaps forward in my work. As I promised I have sent over to your ship a Crate containing a junior Snarg.
If you go to your Pet Status screen in your command drop down on the top right you will see the Snarg in stasis. When you first awaken the Snarg you will be asked to name it, so start thinking about a name for your pet Snarg. Its important you keep the Snarg well fed and that you care for it as you would any other pet.
If my findings are correct over time you will begin to see increases in your IP pool and who know what else the Snarg is capable of helping you with.
Yours sincerely

Well now, you have your own pet. Unfortunately, Dr. Jenny Levin forgot to mail you a pet owner manual, so you're a little lost. Let's try and make a manual!

First, you must feed it. According to Chips (that's my pet) it can eat 7 types of food. But beware, not everything will make it happy. Here's the list, ordered from Ohhh Yummy Gimme! to Baaaa Yuk! Only if Starving:
Fresh Foods
Breakfast Goods
Food Goods
Ration Packs
Ready Meals
Animal Feed
Bio Foods
Your pet will eat 1 unit of food every time you feed it. Don't be shy, stuff it! Your pet will be happy if stuffed!
Now don't ask about the feeding time, just check your pet at least 3 times per day and make sure it's not hungry.
Remember: a hungry pet is a sad pet!

After some testing, I found out that feeding it 3-4 times per 24 hours with 10 units of Fresh Foods each time keeps Chips stuffed and happy or ecstatic.
Others (see below) found out that 2-3 units of food twice per day are enough for keeping the little critter happy/ecstatic (see Zoorland's post).

And, finally, Coops have spoken:
You will find that time online IE playing CE will also affect your pet. Those that login once a day just to check their extractors will have afar more 'mood swingy' pet as out it than those that spend time 'playing'. Like any real world pet it bonds faster and is happier if your around.
Keeping a pet and leaving it alone for 10+ hours a day is no way to treat a pet :) This is added as I'm often asked how to increase pet morale and this seems to be the one thing most players seem to miss out on.

Your pet will give you IP on each of your week-a-versary's. After a month of a happy pet, your Pet Bond level will increase by 1. This will increase the weekly amount of IP that you get from your SNARG, so be sure to keep your pet fed and happy and you'll get free IP

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