Settlement Guide II

Everyone was new at one time or another - This section holds our helpful Guides written by players and staff. Plus Primers written by the Developers.
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Settlement Guide II

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By:- Siddharth
Started Feb 24,2012

Settlement Guide
Owning a settlement takes lot of planning and resources. To start a settlement you need lot of credits and a steady income source in the game.

As for settlement, location is everything so choose the location carefully. I like my settlement close to an anchor gate system but a few captains might like it far from those points, just choose a spot where you visit regularly and you like the system.

To start the ball rolling, first you need 3 things.
1. To be at least a level 25 player.
2. Get a settlement license from the NPC (Ellie Durrant) on San Ferran in Descarte.
One thing to be noted here, only 5 settlement licenses can be bought for any given planet.
Ellie sells licenses for (some, not all) explored planets of all galaxies except Expanse up until now.
3. A set of 5 settlement hubs, these are crafted items or CE store bought as a settlement starter pack. The 5 Settlement Hubs that are needed here can be crafted, you can craft them yourself or purchase them completed from other crafter captains or as said above via the CE store.
If you decide to craft the hubs yourself the Schematics can be purchased from Universal Construction.

To deploy a settlement, You go to the location you bought the license for, when in position you will see a new icon (packing crate) at the top left while undocked, this will show up each time you are there while the hubs are on your ship and you have the license. You can deploy the settlement whenever you want, the license has
no time limit.
When you click on the crate you will activate the deploy screens that have very important information on, read them all and before you go ahead, make sure you understand what is said on them.
Happy that you know what you are doing go ahead and deploy, you will be asked for a name for your settlement at this point, choose carefully as it will be the name of that settlement for as long as it exists.

So now you have your settlement. Congratulations !!!.
Your settlement is level 1 and now the fun begins to develop your settlement to level 6.

Settlement Level 1 to level 2.
You have 6 free slots (green) to deploy settlement buildings on, to go to level 2 requires adding 20 staff to your settlement. For adding staff you need Housing Buildings and to power Housing Buildings you need power so you need to add Power Generators first.
All store purchased settlement buildings are sold by JR Galactic and Hoathlan Enterprises.
Be aware that those shops are also on Player owned settlements, where the prices are lower than on NPC run ports. For locations check the CE-wiki.
Note that a lot of low level settlement builds can be borrowed (for free or very low cost) or bought from others usually at a generous discount, borrow from friends and guild mates :)

Deploy 1 Cygnus Power Generator V1 and 2 Housing Building 1 to get your settlement to level 2.
So you have the buildings deployed, now you need hire staff to level your settlement.
Staff can be hired from USA Staff Agency offices. For now just hire any 20 staff, this will do for now, later on I’ll tell you more about staff types and S.P.S.

Now here are some basic things to know…
When you dock to your settlement you get a button called settlement control (this is a new icon at the top right of the promenade screen), when you enter there are a lot of options that open up.
You can add or remove settlement buildings here, just remember you can remove as many buildings as you want but when you add any building, your settlement goes under lock down so you have to wait 12 hours to remove another building and vice versa.
Now, go to overview, when it opens you have 2 options in there, click settlement settings, here you can set the docking fee and docking rule so you can make your settlement private to limit the settlement to just your friends or guild mates and so on. Besides that you can change the tax rate for your settlement here, the tax rate can be set from 1 to 19 percent so tax 19% will give you maximum return for your settlement, the side affect of this is at max no one will want to buy from your stores.
Most tax rates are set from 1 to 5%.
The other option in overview is settlement Finances, when you click on it the credit transfer screen opens, this is where you can move credits to and from your ship account to your settlement bank and vice versa. To start with you NEED to add 100k credits to your settlement account, it is important to keep credits in your settlement account all the time.
Your buildings cost credits each day to run and the cost comes from the settlement account (seen in the overview as daily running costs), also the cost of the contracts you purchase comes from there only. So, if your settlement credits run dry, it could (later on) lead to instigating the automatic settlement wrap up code so be careful.

Commercial Contracts (icon under the main loadout). When you click on it you can get a list of all types of stores to contract to your settlement, these will add to your settlement income (when players purchase from them) or could help bring captains to your settlement. there is a problem with this to begin with, with your tech level at 6 the stores won't have much for sale yet, more tech level = longer lists of things for sale in your contracted stores. It opens up different stores in your settlement for various time periods for a fee, in turn you get the tax portion of the sale price of items bought at those stores.
The Ashar office offers a early income source from commerce for you from level 2 of your settlement onwards, when you take cargo from your settlement. Wesbec becomes available at settlement level 3.

Settlement Staff. Here, coming back to the first goal we need to add those staff we hired so they can start working in your settlement. Just remember the salaries paid are taken daily from your ship account.
Later in game, some buildings and weapon systems will require the right type of staff so do hire and deploy them to work there. You can ask the staff to go on leave and later on fire them so you don't need to pay the salary if you no longer need that given staff type.

Research Department. In here you can train different research topics and topic levels, this helps level up your settlement if you have sufficient SRP that is. Will talk about this in detail later.
For now you can research, though it is not needed to get your settlement to level 2.
If you have added the buildings advised above and all 20 staff have been transferred to work on your settlement the advancement to level 2 will happen automatically.
If it didn't, you should check that you have completed all the requirements before contacting a staff member about this.

Settlement Level 2 to 3

As your settlement is level 2 you now have opened some more settlement buildings slots and you get to choose some more contracts which can be added to your promenade, some of which will have just become available.
It is time to make income from your settlement so it can pay (at least some of it's) daily running costs.
Here you have 2 choices.
1. To start an Ashar contract so that you get 20% from all Ashar cargo jobs taken from your settlement.
2. You can deploy a Union Passenger Office which gives 12% income to settlement from fares taken from passengers picked up from your settlement.
Thing to note here is you need to have Tourism building which adds attraction value, The more buildings you deploy or the higher their value the more it affects your attraction thereby making it a place more people will want to come to (NPCs to be picked up and players to pick them up) and yes you can deploy more than one of the
same type of tourism building. Just remember each one will take up a free slot and it will require more power so the power requirement of your settlement goes up. So put the office down only when you are serious about your Union business, or like to test it.

Now if you would rather get resources than credits in your bank then you have 3 options.
1. Settlement DCM Unit (Gas) you get Oxygen, Inert Gas, Traylon Gas and Reactive Gas, 5 units per hour added to your settlement commercial store.
2. Settlement DCM Unit (Ores) you get Ore, Iron Ore, Copper Ore and Alucite Ore, 5 units per hour added to your commercial store.
3. Settlement Farming Unit (Flora) you get Rice, Oats, Cereal, Wheat and Corn, 10 units per hour added to your commercial store.
One thing to note here, these buildings are power hungry so be ready to upgrade your power generators. Also you can add as many of these buildings as you have free slots and you have the juice to support them in your settlement.
If you are crafting, or a crafter, then check what you need and possible, a DCM can save you a lot of credits and SP points.

Gleso Settlement Package. If you add this building to your settlement you can place factories and run them in your settlement. You can make income from other captains that place factories as they are limited in time when placed and have to be replaced later to carry on producing, you get to choose how much it costs to place a factory at your settlement so it could be that you can make some credits from the rent of those slots.
Or you can place your own factories to process the resources from DCM(s) into other useable items for crafting or missions.

Now coming back to settlement leveling up next goal is to get 35 staff, 30000 SRP and 10.000 HP.
For getting SRP we need Research buildings. To support research building we need to upgrade power generators to support the next stage of leveling up. Good thing to know here is, we can have a maximum of 3 power generators, 3 research buildings and 4 housing buildings.
So I suggest getting the Cygnus Power Generator V2 x 2 and deploy it with the Cygnus Power Generator v1 you already had so now your total power output will be 75000, also purchase Settlement Housing Unit 2 and a Research Centre and deploy them.
Research Centres make 250 SRP per day so it will take almost 120 days to gather the SRP to level up.
In mean time you can remove a Housing Unit 1 so now you can only employ 25 staff at your place.
Just remember here at level 2 you cannot go below 20 staff at level 3 below 35 and at level 4 its 40 limit.
* as i said before you can deploy 4 Housing Building but never add 4 Settlement Housing Unit 1 to your settlement and level it to level 4 because if you do you cannot add anymore building nor can you remove them so it will becolme a big problem, just be carefull to upgrade them as you level the settlement up.

With the slot/s and excess power you can add the Income buildings we discussed above until you are ready to level up. So (as with all things CE) the choice is yours.
Also, it would be a good idea to max your SRP Increase Bonus so you get that much more daily SRP output. It can be Researched if you have the SRP required for it.
Now coming back to staff S.P.S. as you will have noticed different staff have different points, if you hire the staff with the highest S.P.S you can find, you will max out S.P.S Bonus which is 12% SRP per day.
The down side of doing this is the SPS High pointer staff will increase your daily salary pay.

Getting ready for Pirate attacks from level 3. Yes, Pirates will start attacking your settlement every 48 hours (the first time can be within minutes of level 3 taking affect). So only way is to prepare your settlement with OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE capabilities plus the minimum 10,000 HP you have already added via reserach to get to level 3.
Settlement owners have lot of options to defend their settlements with, Will talk about these briefly and head to the best way and let each captain decide which suits their style.
There are a lot of choices in weapons you can purchase, store/pm bought or craft them yourself.
Here each weapon has a staff type requirement so do watch it and add proper staff types before deploying items to your settlement.
For this settlement I recommend adding just OFFENCE Missile weapon types. For now that is High Speed Seeker from store. It is a cheap weapon and will defend your settlement for now. Later on you can add more or upgrade them as you get room for staff, energy and credits.
Now in repairing the damage from an attack you have 2 main choices.
1. Repair Facility - costing around 30m in store. It repairs the base HP of the settlement.
If you go this route then you have to research Settlement Defense to increase base HP of the settlement (which you have done already) and Settlement Repair Efficiency as the name suggests. If you intend to upgrade your repairer (recommended as you level up) the research into repair efficiency will be lost when you pull the current
one off to replace it with a better version, in my opinion you should only research repair efficiency when you have placed the best repairer on your settlement.
2. Shield/s - there are 2 types of shields, crafted ones and store bought ones so it is up to you to get the one you prefer, any shield will do. Just like weapons, shields and repairers need the right staff type so do add them before installing the items. For this settlement I recommend to go with Paladin Settlement Shield Rev1 you need to craft or ask any crafter to make it for you.
3. Yes there is 3rd way to repair your settlement, this could be done by getting repairing pods (G.E.O.R.D.I or S.C.O.T.T.Y) to repair damage HP. The down side is you need to dock to the settlement the whole time and fuel is spent per hour so this method is not recommended. Other players with these pods fitted can dock to your
settlement and provide repairs as well.

Hopefully by now you have enough SRP to level up so you can remove the previous buildings you added to generate income. Add the Housing building again. You should also go in Defense section and install the weapon and shield we purchased earlier.
Before deploying the defense item just be sure you Hired the right staff type and they are working in your settlement properly.

How to add HP to your settlement. Enter Settlement Control, click on Research Dept (light-bulb icon), If you have sufficient SRP the Research button on the left of the line with Settlement Defence in it will be active (not greyed out), click it once to get 10,000 HP added to your settlement.

So we have hired 35 staff and generated enough SRP to level up. Also installed the weapon and shield for coming pirate attacks and added the required HP. Now the only thing left is going into the Research section of settlement and Research your Settlement to level up. If your settlement doesn't go to lvl 3, click on the info button, it will list what still needs to be done (with a red x) to successfully level up.

Well done !!! Now your settlement is Level 3 and you can see the combat report anytime with in 48 hrs so you just need to wait for the first attack on the settlement, which is announced in the top (blue) ticker on the game screen and you get a mail stating the results of the attack, to see a more complete report of what happened you have to look in the combat reports icon when docked at your settlement.

Special Thanks to Ivonna, Sukayo and Captain Bebeb for Proof reading and helping me out in this Guide.

Also, your ongoing Suggestions and Feedback of this is very much appreciated so i can improve on the next part of this guide.

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