Questions About Malls

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Questions About Malls

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Q. what's the prices that the goods are sold at? i've read somewhere that it's 3x what joes/tdk offer but am not sure. from looking at some of the prices shown here it looks potentially to be profitable in the long run.

A..Prices are set automatically without user intervention. Generally speaking, it works out to be about 3x what Joe would pay.

Q.Do sales happen randomly? how often do people usually have to restock the mall? i mean would/could an npc buy all your stock in 1 hit or doesn't it work like that.

A.Yes, sales are random in terms of how much and when but you will get summary reports in terms of profits and costs for each individual unit you operate.The amount of each item sold is random within a fixed amount but npcs will not generally clean out your entire stock of any particular item unless you have a small amount of it. Best bet is to evenly split the maximum hopper space between however many item slots you have and then top it off every now and then.

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