Can you explain LAW LEVEL please?

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Can you explain LAW LEVEL please?

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May 10th 2011

1. the concept is pertaining to how secure the system is and how vigorously laws are enforced. So a high law level planet will in turn have lower threat level shipping in its lanes as its more secure. ALso you will find better prices at joes in such a location as the computer economics deem it as having more trade as its borders are more secure and thus more shipping will come to visit.

2. This is generally fixed when the galaxy is created, but i think can be altered by the devs if they need to or feel a system requires it. By that i mean as the universe grows sometimes there is a requirement for planets to be upgraded. The only places outside of that are player made settlements. The LL there is influenced purely by the player investing research in that area.

3. the range is from 3 to 15, tho the top ones you will only find in expanse. and no it can't be negative.
4. LL is purely for planets and player made settlements at this time, but may well include PM starbases and the like when they arrive.

5. It does not make a difference to captains being pirates or outlaws, but i believe it does affect what stations you will find. As in Low LL planets are more likely to have a pirate outlaw services and high end ones maybe gal-fed etc.

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