Random Exploit Messages

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Random Exploit Messages

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All 'Exploits' that are tracked and logged are reviewed by a 'Human'. At that time if we feel the player needs to explain themselves we will ask them to do so before placing a hold on the account. Banning only normally takes place if the player does not reply or if it's very clear from their logs that they are indeed 'attempting' to exploit the game.

A rise in the 'Exploit Messages' is often due to a slow or 'laggy' internet connection (not necessarily yours directly but somewhere between you and us.) In these instances it's really important you let one page load FULLY before processing the next. Players (even myself) tend to get click happy and if we try attempting to access two options on the same page before the page has reloaded it can be seen as a potential exploit attempt.

We monitor all this activity and use our 'common sense, and player history' to discern between real exploit attempts and internet connection issues.

Generally the issue above is 99.9 % of the reason for exploit messages, but we have to cover all the bases to ensure a fair playing ground for all players.

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