Using the GBM

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Using the GBM

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Using the GBM

New post by blurry on Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:49 am

The GBM is the Buyer's Market, where one can place an order of goods for other players to fill, or one can fill orders for other players.

Filling offers.
Want to make some more cash than what Joe's is giving you? Deposit goods in GBM offers.
1. Place your goods in Commercial Storage (CS) at San Gallen, Descarte. Carry them in your ship, or else use Commercial Storage Transport (CSTS). Keep in mind to use CSTS, your items must be in CS at a location that has a CSTS, and you must be at that location as well.

2. Once you have your goods sent to San Gallen, you yourself must travel there.

3. Visit Harry Wilder, the NPC on San Gallen, and talk to him.

4. You will be presented with a list of all open GBM offers which is sortable by buyer and item. You will be shown the original amount requested, the remaining quantity requested, what you have in stock (in San Gallen's CS), and the price being offered.

5. Once you have decided which offer to contribute your goods to, type in the amount you wish to sell. This number must be less than or equal to the amount you have in CS, and less than or equal to the "Qty Req" (remaining required quantity). Then click "deposit".

6. The goods will be taken from your CS and credits deposited to your ship's account.

Making an Offer.
Need something for an NPC mission? Trying to get something crafted but need the resources? Use the GBM.
1. From the right drop down menu, select "Buyers Market (GBM)".

2. You'll get a list of offers already out there, which is sortable by buyer and item (click the corresponding header). Use the list to determine what your price will be (ie. whether you choose to outbid or match).

3. Scroll to the bottom and select the item you wish to make an offer for from the drop down menu, then click "submit".

4. You are directed to another screen where you are given the minimum price you can place an offer for. There is also a minimum number of items you can request (100). Put in the quantity of goods you require and the price you wish to offer, and click "process request". Make sure you have placed the right numbers in the right boxes so your credit price and amount required aren't flipped!

5. Credits will be removed from your ship's account and your offer is now on the GBM. You will receive notifications when anyone deposits goods into your offer, and when the offer is completed. You can check on the status and/or cancel the offer from the right drop down menu. Canceling comes in handy when you need less than 100 goods; you can terminate the order after the amount you need has been deposited.

(Note: you can only place 5 orders at a time, or 7 if you have a PA)

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