Cyberdeck Retooling

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Cyberdeck Retooling

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Unless you have been living under my favourite rock (if you have, please stop it, that's my hiding place) you will have spotted that we are going to be releasing a change to hauling today. The most important part in reference to the ageing old cyberdeck is that the filtering that the cyberdeck did is not done far better by the offices themselves.

I have also added the same 'Interface' to Passengers, thus the poor Cyberdeck now has no use in its current format. In the past you would have purchased one of Three Cyberdeck models and loaded up on 'Filters', the latter were consumable and excluded a given filtered Galaxy. This is no longer required, as the Offices in question off these types of options.


The Cyberdeck has been closed for now. Its still there in the game, can be fitted and removed, but it won't have a current function. I will be putting my Dev hat on and asking the staff and you guys for suggestions for a new use for the Cyberdeck.

Your options...

1: Ask for a refund IF you purchased it. Simply PM me with the purchase order and I will issue a Gift Certificate for its value at that time (Currently £22.50) I will happily issue a gift certificate refund.

2: Wait and see what Coops replaces its functions with. I will at that time convert the existing Filters in game to a new use / focus. So you won’t lose out keeping hold of them also.

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