Hi, everyone. Some questions

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Hi, everyone. Some questions

Post by MIGO99 »

I like this game. I walked around in the game and copied down the data of the spaceship sold by the NPC. My problems are related to this.

1. I earned $40,000,000 on combat missions and bought Kite at level 40.

After equipping the ship and trying it out, I was very confused.

The experience gained after killing pirates is significantly reduced due to increased HP. My weapon level is limited to level 40, with limited damage output, around 500 on average.

I looked up the stats of weapons sold by NPCS, and even if you can use level 70 weapons, the average damage is only around 800.

If you want to destroy a pirate with my strength, you have to play longer, ten or more mouse clicks.

The amount of experience and money gained per unit of time is much lower than before the ship change. However, the experience required to upgrade is constantly improving.

This puzzles me.

Did I make a mistake? How do you solve this problem?

2. From what I understand, it seems that a smaller ship with a bigger weapon would be a better choice.

So I sold Kite and bought Fireball.

Oh, did I do something stupid?

Never mind that. I have a new idea.

If you can get a full refund when you change boats, or a 90% refund, people will have a better experience when they change boats.

I collected data on the ships I saw in the game, and they were all great, and I wanted to test fly every one of them.

The existing purchase and refund mechanism makes this idea impossible.

What a pity it is. There are so many good ships in the NPC store, players can only try one or two of them according to their wallet, giving up the vast majority.

Changing the purchase and refund mechanism will allow players to try more new ships, which is great for new players, but probably very unfair for old players.

Okay, I'm just saying.

My English is terrible. The content is translated by software. Haha, I also play this game with software translation. If you don't understand anything, I can try to translate it with another software.
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Re: Hi, everyone. Some questions

Post by MarcSp »

I believe there are TOO MANY ships available, and too small stat increases between them.
Its not worth changing ships often. I'd say, only change ships every 10-15 levels at most.
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Re: Hi, everyone. Some questions

Post by Coops »

The value of XP you get from any single ship is based on its MAX XP rate (stored in the DB and based off a cal of its Level and its total HP and Offensive ability). Enemy Ships when presented to you have a rating for the sighted, it's in colour, going from a dark green to a screaming Red. For the VI / Screen reader users, it's shown in a number format.

As you become more offensively capable, you need to shift to the same colour / number types you were killing earlier, don't fixate on the specific 'same ships' Another thing to consider and one that's not obvious right away (though to reach level 40 you've been playing a while).

CE has a huge database of enemy ships. These are all unique, so when you see an Astro Pirate in one location, it may not be the same size and punch to the last one you saw somewhere else. If I take the Astro as an example, they range from small Fry of 400 tones up to 1500 tonnes. This means they also range in 'Threat' the lowest has a threat rating of 890, the highest 57,575. <those are raw figures from the Database but used as an example. At this time, there are 41 distinct Astro's, so you will need to keep a watch-out on the Threat and Actual numbers displayed when looking at them in your scan.

You can start to get a feel for them based 'roughly' on their mass. Ships of the same mass of the same type will often have the same kill stats and XP reward. But remember the closer you are to their combat level the less of that XP packet you will get, because they are no longer a threat so the challenge thus reward is lower.

Not sure how or IF any of that will help, lets see. If you want quick kills for loot and 'some XP' go for greens, more XP, slightly more challenge go for yellows, Orange for challenges.

Others are free to join in on their findings and how they combat their way through ship changes.
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Re: Hi, everyone. Some questions

Post by MIGO99 »

Ah, it seems that the gameplay is rich, more rich than I first thought. I like these. I'll try it, take on different difficulties, try different combinations.

Thank you all for your help and advice.
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