Hello from Solvius

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Hello from Solvius

Post by Solvius »

Hello pilots :)

I am Solvius from the netherlands.
I played this game way back in 2006 and 2007. Forgot about it, and found it today again. :)

Because of this long delay, I forgot also allmost how to play, but our brain has great capabilities and its coming back rapidly :)

Now, I wish ya all happy piloting and I am off to look for the new adventures ingame :)

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Re: Hello from Solvius

Post by MarcSp »

Hello Captain Solvius, welcome back to Core Exiles.
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Re: Hello from Solvius

Post by OtherRick »

Welcome back, Solvius!

Have tons of fun, and lete know if there's anything ai can assist with!
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