New to Core-Exiles - Say hello and claim your reward! New players read the announcement within this section on how to claim your 20,000 Credits!
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Captain Jaize of the U.S.S. Minnow on a journey through space and time (spent on learning how to play). Looks like an interesting game, was brought here when I asked a staff member about it (on another game, their name is withheld in case treason is a capital crime).

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Re: Greetings

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Hello Captain Jaize and welcome to Sphere.

Remember to send Coops an ingame message to claim your reward.
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Re: Greetings

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Hello Captain Jaize, welcome to Core Exiles.

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Re: Greetings

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Welcome to The Game, Captain :)

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Re: Greetings

Post by Elkhorn »

Welcome to the Sphere Captain Jaize! May all of your journeys be profitable.
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