Hello from Ron

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Ron Whitebeard
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Hello from Ron

Post by Ron Whitebeard »

Hi everyone,
I'm Ron, from Leeds in the UK. Right now I'm reading the guides so I'm still docked but no doubt I shall bump into some of you soon, possibly literally :D


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Re: Hello from Ron

Post by GreyBeard »

Hello Captain Ron Whitebeard, welcome to the game.

I am from about 18 junctions (M1) south of you. Small universe.
Don't mind me I am stranger than myself.

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Re: Hello from Ron

Post by pikolinianita »

Welcome to the game, Captain :)

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sidewinder fang
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Re: Hello from Ron

Post by sidewinder fang »

Hehe, you wouldn't happen to be Foul Old Ron by any chance would you? :P (PS, its a Terry Pratchett reference, not an insult)

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Re: Hello from Ron

Post by MarcSp »

Hello Captain Ron Whitebeard, welcome to Core Exiles.

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Re: Hello from Ron

Post by Elkhorn »

Welcome to the Sphere Captain Whitebeard! May all your journeys be profitable.
Rule of Acquisition #1 Once you have their money...never give it back!

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Re: Hello from Ron

Post by Zoorland »

Welcome to the game, Ron! If you have any questions, just ask. :)

Have fun!

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Re: Hello from Ron

Post by XPLODE »

The House of Burgundy is still going strong i see.

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