Kalos' Korner

Named after one of the founding fathers, this Tavern is for Role Playing and general 'in character' discussions. Remember to pay your bar bill!
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Kalos' Korner

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Kalos slipped through the corridors of the settlement. She had heard Coops was in trouble. She kinda liked the guy, so she felt she had to help, and she thought she had a good plan. Shushing her AI, "I thought I told you to oil that bearing!" they crept down through New Jerusalem's maintenance tunnels. The AI had told her, yes, there was a basement, and she liked creeping; she knew she'd find it.

Trying to stifle her giggles at the "scary" decor, she knew she was on the right path. Someone had thought to make this area scary, but the garishly colored spider webs and plastic spiders made her homesick for Halloween's of long ago, her childhood memories made her smile. If Coops got to see this, he might not be as angry with Ivan and his sister, Nikita; they surely had the spirit of the holiday. Finding the cauldrons dripping with S.N.A.R.G. slime, she knew she was close.

A deep breath, and she pulled out the best haul she had ever found. The bright "bitcoins" of an old world that she had been able to run through and salvage just before its demise. Her A.I. had really saved her butt that time, she mused, getting her off the planet in just enough time to get out of range of the explosion...well, mostly, as she rubbed the scar on her shoulder. But here they were, so bright and shiny. Nikita would be thrilled, she loved her shineys. Plus, although the planet was gone, for some reason this currency was still of high value to traders. The novelty and rarity keeping the interest alive, as well as the debate on how valuable they were when popular, a topic that often led to physical fights when scholars got together. Looking down at the little bag, her mind spun, she hoped she had enough, would all of this work, it was full commitment time. A coin in front of the door, one down the corridor, one on the stairs. The little trail twisted and turned, until she made it to a rarely used service door. Her A.I. set the panel of the door to stay open until tripped by Nikita, hopefully. With a nod to each other, the trap was set.

She jumped at the WOOSH and, thankfully girly, scream that jolted her from her catnap, just in time to see Nikita's legs being sucked up into the port tube. Clapping and giggling with glee she ran to the rigged escape pod. Nikita was pounding at the window, raging between looks and licks of her new coins. Did they have a taste? Kalos tried to ask, but noise didn't penetrate the pod. She also wasn't sure she wanted to know, blushing at some of the words coming out of Nikita that she could make out. Maybe a few decades to calm down would help, she smirked. Slamming her hand down on the eject button, the pod was sent into space. As evil as Nikita was for taking Coops, she didn't harbor ill for the girl, so she had left plenty of Halloween food and treats to keep her comfy until she was found...or not.

Back through the corridors, tunnels, and to the basement, she slammed through the door, oh Im a hero! her mind teased. Her grin turned into a glare. Coops was sunk into a ton of candy up to his waist, laughing with Ivan. "YOU ARE TIED UP WITH SILLY STRING?!?!?! AAAGGGHHH!" her girly rage scream ended and she burst into laughter with the guys. "Give me some chocolate, and Coops, and I'll recall the pod with your sister, Ivan." Kalos flashed the pod control pad in her hand. "We need him back, you know it, and you boys can have a candy party later."

"She's gone?!?!" Ivan suddenly realizing his partner in crime absent, and he was busted. "Costume party on the main deck!" he screamed. First running and pulling Coops out of the candy, Ivan hopped to a closet pulling out heaps of material and props. "I've got enough for everyone and she can't scold me for sharing!!!"

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