Location Bio's Resurrected

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Location Bio's Resurrected

Post by Coops » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:45 pm

Following on from the fact we resurrected the idea to take input from players for the CE News Ticker I have also decided to open a long term open entry for Planet / Starbase Bios.

If you visit the in-game 'Galaxy Locator' you can see Bios written mostly by YOU the players for locations. But... There are 100;s without one. They have a standard bit of holding blurb in their descriptions. This can be remedied by YOU...

Simply post your suggestions /snippets/bios for the locations here.

Whilst this is NOT a competition and I won't promise to use them all I will score on merit and reward accordingly over time.

Besides who doesn't want to see their digital penmanship online!


P.S only rule - Keep it to under three healthy sizes paragraphs and remember the audience is family orientated so nothing of an adult or inflammatory nature.

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