Hedrocks, The Spinney, Corvan, Darklight, Anvil.

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Hedrocks, The Spinney, Corvan, Darklight, Anvil.

Post by aRJay » Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:42 pm

This fine Emporium has been established at The Spinney on Corvan in Darklight which as we all know is in Anvil.
The product range will mainly consist of the finest weapons in the known universe as well as an assortment of other useful items.

We are especially proud of our range of Omega 4 repair drones, repair 4200 points of Armour and Hull damage in a single click you know it makes sense.

Hedrocks is also proud to announce a 10 % discount on all purchases by fellow guild members (unless you don't want it).

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