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by Rotor
Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:18 am
Forum: Core Exile Competitions
Topic: Doh!! Locate My Lost Documents!
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Re: Doh!! Locate My Lost Documents!

Set of 20 dropped in Paradise Feris

15/06/19 12:15
by Rotor
Fri Jun 14, 2019 7:44 am
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Bob schematics
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Bob schematics

It's very nice to have schematics mail-delivered but I'd like to know what I'll get before investing in the crafting of a schematic (buying the "sub-schematics", finding xanthomite..) and I can't find the "articles" in the CE data repository. I don't want to put efforts in crafting an Encoded Steinm...
by Rotor
Tue Apr 30, 2019 3:06 pm
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Schematics gained through exploration
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Schematics gained through exploration

Maybe it's a stroke of bad luck but all the schemetics I gain through exploration so far are eco-upv modules that i already have (since you can't explore without one!) Unless lot of players gained their eco_uv without crafting it (and could wish to craft a spare someday), would it be possible to fil...
by Rotor
Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:56 pm
Forum: Core Exile Competitions
Topic: Easter Egg Hunt For Coops (Full Set)
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Re: Easter Egg Hunt For Coops (Full Set)

1 full set dropped at Paradise(Eden) in Feris. Thanks!
by Rotor
Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:24 am
Forum: Core Exile Competitions
Topic: Coops - St Patrick Hand-in
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Re: Coops - St Patrick Hand-in

All items dropped in Paradise,Eden, Feris on March 14th 11:29

Festive points please

by Rotor
Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:25 am
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: refining skill
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refining skill

How many points of refining skill are needed to obtain a serious improvement in refine yield ? Does somebody know? Thanks!
by Rotor
Thu Jan 31, 2019 12:57 pm
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Question about profession boost
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Question about profession boost

If I use a profession booster to survey a resource needing too high a skill or equip a gun, do i need to spend
just 1 profession boost for the moment I place the extractor or equip the gun
or 1 for every hour the device is in use?
by Rotor
Fri Jan 18, 2019 2:33 pm
Forum: CE Trade - Buy & Sell
Topic: Looking for an ECO-UPV
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Looking for an ECO-UPV

As the title says : looking to buy an ECO-UPV or the path to get one. I can find kits to repair them in the Emporium or the CE store but not the beast itself (maybe I'm not searching for the correct name)? . If the only solution is "crafting one", where could I find a schematic to buy? Thanks in adv...
by Rotor
Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:48 pm
Forum: Emporium Stores
Topic: Grab a +25 Max Stock for your Emporium!
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Re: Grab a +25 Max Stock for your Emporium!

Whole Lotta Loot (Port Ross Franklyn Sphere)
by Rotor
Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:00 pm
Forum: Emporium Stores
Topic: Port Ross Franklin Sphere
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Re: Port Ross Franklin Sphere

Thanks to the buyers so far! I forgot to add that if you want a specific article found in combat loot, don't hesitate to message me and I'll stock it for you. I sell to Joe's all that's low value or in "one or two" quantity.