The wait is over, Phiwib Ceicalk Reactors have arrived

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The wait is over, Phiwib Ceicalk Reactors have arrived

Post by sirfoxey » Sun Jun 17, 2018 2:56 pm

Come one, come all to your local Jakar Hybrid Systems in Expanse. The wait is over, the newest and most wanted Phiwib Ceicalk Reactor range has arrived, designed exclusively by none other than Captain SirFoxey. Captain SirFoxey is renowned for his fine and elegant schematic designs which push the boundaries of resources required to levels never seen before in other inferior schematics designs.

The Phiwib Ceicalk Reactor family is SirFoxey's finest work to date. The Phiwib Ceicalk Reactor family comes in 5 outstanding models. The entry level reactor is for captains level 100+ while the top of the line Phiwib Ceicalk Reactor V is designed for any captain level 170+ supplying their ships energy needs and more.

SirFoxey has licensed Jakar Hybrid Systems, as the proud and exclusive supplier of all the required schematics needed to build these fine reactors, at bargain basement prices.

Rumour has it, that Captain SirFoxey is in the final stages of releasing a new family of weapons that will strike fear in even the strongest Aliens. Get a jump on the energy needs to fit these weapons now by ordering a Phiwib Ceicalk Reactor or two from your favourite crafter.

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