Flag Collection - Drop off and everyone wins!

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Flag Collection - Drop off and everyone wins!

Post by Coops » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:37 am

Flag Collection Office

This year I thought that we might offer you the Players a Challenge. Typically the World Cup festivities can generate thousands of Flags. Most of which never get used and this year will end up being Zapped 30 days after the World Cup Ends.

So I thought what about a Server-Wide hand in?

We will set you a Goal for each Flag Type and you work together to hand in as many Flags as you can. We are looking for 250 of Each Flag Type. When a Type of Flag is completed we will issue the WHOLE SERVER a 1,000 Fuel Ticket. So that's a 1,000 Fuel Ticket multiplied by 32 opportunities. Of course, I'm not completely mean, and I appreciate the Flags have a Festive Value as well, so for each Flag deposited you also get 1,000 XP.

So this time around rather than letting the spare flags go to waste, come along to any of the Flag Collector Offices and deposit your flags. As you the players clear off the listings we will then add Server Wide 1K Fuel Tickets!

PLEASE NOTE: This is for players who want to get rid of their spare World Cup Flags. You still should consider collecting a Full set of 32 and dropping them off at one of the 'World Cup Representatives' for your Special POD prize plus other goodies!

The Flag Collection Offices will open their doors Tomorrow (Thursday the 14th) and remain open till the end of the World Cup.


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