Astraeus port challenge specials

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Astraeus port challenge specials

Post by falconner » Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:05 pm

Hello there all,

To my regular haulers and to ones that dont know,
I run a payback program on my settlements (located in vosay, on the planet lus) where in any hauls you make from the settlement to anywhere, you earn about 30% of what you make the settlement earn in fees.
The payments are done weekly every monday or Tuesdays.
However, for the duration of the challenge, any hauls made from the 30th of jun to the 15th of july til the challenge ends will earn 50% instead of the usual 30%.
That is 1 reason why the payments havent been made this week.
I plan on doing them all on the 15th of july.
Hope you all have fun and are doing well!

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