Corporation Office Title Tracking

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Corporation Office Title Tracking

Post by Coops » Thu Aug 17, 2017 3:05 pm

Back when I first laid initial digital pen to paper for corporations I realised just how much work was involved and also how they could be very beneficial 'over time'. There is so much a Corporation touches on and allows us to tap into.

One such thing is the relationship between your Corporation (an extension of YOU) and the various Corporation Companies (offices).

Until today the 'count' on how many contracts have been completed was a global one and that was pretty much it. But now, as of today the system will track contracts completed for each Office. This will in turn over time level up your 'relationship' with the Corporate Offices.

What will this do ?

Well it gives Me an opening to begin to crow bar in missions sent directly from the 'Companies' your Corporation is levelling up with directly to YOU the owner of the Corp. This means your corp can now have an impact on your actual toon.

Special missions to complete and rewards to collect. But only by gaining these special missions from the Corp companies themselves.

So keep an eye on your PM box for messages from strange NPC's you may not have seen before as you level up your Corps!

Please note: whilst the original counter of global contracts completed will still climb, each contract completed for each corporation Office will NOW start to be counted and your rank with that company can be viewed from the 'Available Contracts Screen'.

Removing an office temporarily will NOT reset your rank / status with any office. So you can safely build a relationship with all the offices in time.


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