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Corporation 90 Day Rules - No activity

Post by Coops » Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:41 pm

A while back i asked for opinions and feedback on how to deal with Corporations that were opened and then left to fall into negative debt. This usually happens as a player opens an office without doing any reading or investigation into whats required.

As each Corp uses a valuable slot on promenades and we don't see any value to leave them there indefinitely I have decided to implement a 90 day wrap up rule. This is simple to follow and goes as thus :

After 90 days of Captain inactivity with an outstanding invoice to the Corporation, it will be flagged for wrap up on the next maintenance run.

That's means if your Corporation is in negative funding (which closes off access to the corp contract offices) AND the owner (You) is inactive for more than 90 days your Corp will be wrapped up on the next game maintenance run.

Wrap up will mean your Corporation Offices are closed and your Corporation is removed from the registry.

During the wrap up :

1: Buildings will be returned to your account from any Office you have opened.
2: Corporation Crew will be released.
3: Corporation Ships and their load outs will be seized.
4: Any outstanding Corporation debt will be taken from your ships account.
5: Corporation Stores will be seized
6: Your Corporation will be dissolved and the license revoked.

The onus is totally on the Corporation owner to ensure their corporation is funded at all time. Simply keep your corp funded and log in once ever 90 days and you will never loose your Corp.


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