Differences in corporations?

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Differences in corporations?

Post by jcheung » Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:57 am

Just joined your ranks not too long ago with a salvage corporation, anyone able to highlight the differences of the others?
I heard the following and was wondering if these could be expanded any.

combat - (which i presume is security) is heavy on genesis for repairs, but gives access to all ingame combat loot
hauling - may or may not require repairs, nothing else special
mining - nothing special
salvage - i may or may not be the first one? (barring coops) - gives QMG - Electronics, combat loot (about 2-3 fights or so each time). have yet to get something other than qmg elecs from wrecks.

starting with a salvage spec crew, salvage level of 5, the following is what i have noticed.
lowest noted contract time - 1 h, 54 m (more often 4-5 hours on the low end)
longest noted contract time - 16 h, 32 m
xp payout (crew) - 1/10 credit reward (.1)
xp payout (crew ability) - 1/1000 credit reward, plus some unknown for repair/general/engineering
xp payout (corp) - 1/100 credit reward (.01)
credit per fuel - 101 to 114 cr (avg ~107 credits) [gathered at crew level 15, 50 cargo]
time per fuel - 16.8 to 19.2 minutes (avg ~17.4 minutes) [gathered at crew level 15, 50 cargo]
repairs after hostile engagements - 1k-6k, up to 30+k if weapon is too weak and luck is poor
loot yield - avg 120-170 (lvl 10-15) per run, bulk being salvage loot.
Salvage loot - QMG - Electronics (captain level 10-15 (and counting))

take this information with a large grain of salt.

note to self: corp research xx:00, xx:15, xx:30, xx:45
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Re: Differences in corporations?

Post by Oryuken » Sat Jul 23, 2016 2:36 pm

I quite often pick up some resources during my Corp hauling. Though it is never a
huge amount, sometimes it is a fairly rare resource. It is not any set deal but rather
random events, My Captain found a derelict ship or something along those lines.
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