Alien Ranges Extended

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Alien Ranges Extended

Post by Coops » Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:52 pm

Over the last two days, I've been hammering away at the Exile Anvil creating new ranges of Alien and also non Alien items. I have extended the ranges from around the 140-160 mark, these go up level by level all the way to 205.

These new items Alien include more Expanders, Reactors and Weapons. On the Non Alien side, I have increased quite dramatically the spread of Shields from 160 up to 205. These items are ALL rare Loot items/ they are tradeable and can be RA'd as well should you feel the need.

In total, a little over 250 items were added to the Database in the rare loot database. This should give those of you in the upper rarified air something to look forward to in your loot drops.

Expanse Offices - I have also done some extra groundwork to bring a few of the 'out of bounds' expanse offices up to spec so they can be opened later. Once these extra offices have been opened you will be able to pretty much go 'Full Alien' when it comes to ship loadouts.


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