Official Sales February

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Official Sales February

Post by Coops » Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:58 pm

February is here, but before I post the sales and discounts for the month a Big thank you to those of you that showed your support for Core-Exiles in December and especially January. It’s always a tough month with the last pay day seeming ages apart from the next - So thank you for showing support and remembering us here.

The funds form CE sales go towards the Core-Exiles Servers and the ever increasing sales budget. We also have a number of external paid for services including DOS and spam attack services and our test server although this has been downgraded last year to shave off a few pennies from the overall monthly bill.

Our advertising budget is spread across facebook, twitter and three companies used to advertise on several 100 various gaming site and social media locations. On average we spend anywhere up to £350 a month depending on the coffers and state of the income for CE.

Lastly : If you made a purchase in January that was eligible for a bonus or reward and you did not claim it, drop me a line with the Order Number and the bits required and I’ll see they are added.

In the meantime.....


This Months Discount Code is FEBRUARYFUN adding that gerts you a 15% discoutn on items in your basket!

No need to link to separate parts of the store, instead its the whole store (Only gift certificates are left untouched) So no matter what you want its going to be cheaper this month!


You can Find the Core-Exiles Official Store OVER HERE

Or use the Link in Game obtainable from the Left Hand bottom Tab.

This months promotion (Read & Claim at time of Purchase)

Spend £10 or More - Win 2K Fuel Ticket, 1 Month PA.
Spend £15 or More - Win 4K Fuel Ticket, 1 Month PA 1 Skill Pack from below
Spend £25 or More - Win 6K Fuel Ticket, 2 Month PA 1 Skill Pack from below + CES Extractor
Spend £35 or More - Win 8K Fuel Ticket, 2 Month PA 2 Skill Packs from below + CES Extractor
Spend £45 or More - Win 10K Fuel Ticket, 3 Month PA 2 Skill Packs from below + CES Extractor

From above if eligible choose from the skill packs below :

Any Skill Pack EXCEPT ALIEN Skills - These are not included in the Free Skill Pack Offers.

PLUS Every Purchase £5.00 or more gets :

Festive Bonus Pack (incl fuzzy friend) :)
20 X Festive Tokens
10 X 30% Booster Pack
4 X Festive Points for Every £ spent

If making a purchase that is eligible for a skill pack or CES Extractor please enter the Skill pack name, Extractor Name along with the captain name.

Already made a Purchase this month? Anyone who has will have already been awarded the prizes as per above.


P.S a reminder on the use of Gift Certificates relating to Bonus Prizes. Read Me

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