Santa's Happy Sack

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Santa's Happy Sack

Post by Coops » Mon Dec 25, 2017 11:26 am

Santa has asked me to pass on his thanks for a great turn out at this Festive Collection Offices this year. The final counts was 8,471 festive items handed back into Santa's elves. These were all collated and sent off to the orphanages for the children for Christmas morning.

If you still have Santa's items now you should feel free to trade them in at a Festive Store for Festive points.

As promised we have some Special prizes to hand out.

The Top Three donations were :


These three heroic Captains each receive a 12 Month PA account upgrade.

I would also like to acknowledge a few of our new players those captain struggling to get to grips with CE at this time of year that still found time to drop off Festive Items to Santa.


You all recived a 5K Fuel ticket to aid you in your Travels!

Happy Christmas folks.


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