Happy Christmas Exiles!

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Happy Christmas Exiles!

Post by Coops » Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:42 am

I wanted to wish Everyone, player and staff alike a Very Merry Christmas. Our fellow players and staff on the Far side of the planet are about to break into Christmas day whilst the rest of us are waking and warming ourselves to Christmas Eve. It's easy to forget the size of this planet and the scope of the players that PLAY CE.

So a warm and frie3dnly greeting at this time of year to you One and All!

A Big thank you to our old and new staff who have been a stalwart success this year with support competitions and general 'know it all help'. I for one could not cope without their constant support so thank you, guys!

To those of you that have been with us year on year, thank you for sticking it out and still being here. For the new players and exiles amongst you, we wish you all a great Christmas and a fantastic 2018.

Keep the faith and keep on playing and I'll keep on coding!


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