Eighth Coops Challenge Active!

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Eighth Coops Challenge Active!

Post by Coops » Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:00 pm

I have this morning at 11:00 AM activated the Eighth Coops Challenge. This means that activities in game are now being tracked (by player and profession) and if included count towards the Goals set in the Coops Challenge.

You can access the Challenge Status Screen in game via the CE Guides Tab and then click on the 'Coops Challenge' link. Or if out side the game you can access the Status screen using THIS LINK.

For those new to Challenges you will find that there are a lot of activities now being tracked with varying goals to meet to breach each goal and move on to the next. These include all the primary professions and even include a Hand in of A.I Data Research - Sections that are being recovered and awarded to you for simply playing. These SHOULD be handed in at any of the Coops Challenge Exchange Offices that have been opened during the Challenge. Each one is valued at 10 Festive Points to be awarded when they are handed in at one of the aforementioned Offices.

You can Find the Challenge hand in offices here :

Aurelia - ARK-09 - Furnace
Blake - Lucious Port - Furnace
Descarte - Messor - Sphere
Elmquae - Habitat-87 - Verec-per
Ethan - Darius - Sphere
Feris - Haven - Sphere
Franklyn - Yeltsim - Sphere
Gainsboro - Pyragles Base - Sphere
Kirzhach - Starbase-140 - Furnace
Metri - Janus Station - Furnace
Mork - Mindy - Furnace
Mostony - Edana - Verec-per
Oengo - Otaio - Verec-per
Pevek - Trade Hub 59 - Furnace
Sunrise - Zwanziq Station - Sphere
Tantas - Yonartthakr - Expanse
Trantor - Fujimori - Anvil
Xellum - Jaworski - Anvil
Yam - Sabian - Expanse
Zarante - Berolina - The Forge

Global Fuel Ticket & Goodie Bag
As each goal is breeched a counter goes up by 1 increasing a final hand out of a global Fuel Ticket for the entire Server on the day after the competition closes. It also increase a 'Coops Goodie Bag'. The goodie bag will be posted and added to once the first goal has been reached.

Mech War Stages
There are also Three MECH stages this time round and that means you will need to be placing Mechs into the mech zones to knock out as many 'Pirate' Mechs as you can this time round!

To take part and for your kills to Count you need to have a PL at the beginning of your mechs name. IE 'PLonker mech' or 'PL Killer Mech'

There will also be special PRIZE MECHS added but I will post on this separately in the competition thread so keep your eyes peeled!

Three New Sections
I have added THREE new sections to this Challenge. The first was an obvious choice and that's RAID resources Salvaged. That means thats those killing the raids help count towards the RAID death kill score whilst those clearing up to allow more to spawn ALSO count to a new RAID Salavge section.

The other two are Both Planet and Derelict Exploration. This refers to straightforward walking around exploring and not the sub-skills/hobbies that we all do whilst doing these activities. But if you explore a Derelict or planet you are now also increasing these goals activities.

Personal Rewards
I will also be looking through the players logs and accumulated data AFTER the competition closes and awarding some special prizes to those who for THEIR LEVEL did really well. That means there is as much incentive for level 10 players as level 200 players to take part!

Generally speaking, this is a time of great festivities and we give a lot away and hope you will enjoy the festivities and have fun as always.


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