Slight Change to Mining Fuel Charge

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Slight Change to Mining Fuel Charge

Post by Coops » Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:56 pm

It was brought to my attention recently that there was a flaw in the way the current Mining screen works in the way of Fuel Usage. When I recreated the mining system last time around I moved the Fuel usage off the initial load and placed it on the Trigger pull.

2 Things from that, the Mine ALL button only took 1 fuel. It now takes however many windows it empties, so there is no fuel gain by mining ALL and not one at a time, just a save on clicks and time.

The second thing the screen now takes fuel on screen load and not on trigger pull. This equates to the same amount of fuel but means that if your 'refreshing' that screen for testing Buddy or FOM mission items you will be paying for it in fuel.

I have done this as it appears looking in the logs that a number (more than 20) players have been doing this and keeping it to themselves. Rather than recode the whole method of mining I have reverted to the old method with a hybrid twist.

This also means 'Entering the mining screen not seeing what you want and exiting to renter again' will no longer be free. Was not intended to be but an oversight on my part. So now each time you Generate a possible five entries in the eMining screen you PAID 1 fuel for the pleasure. Exit and you wasted 1 fuel.

The mining screen caters to a large number of queries and there is no simple method to resolve this without recoding the Buddies a fOM missions. So at least until my next 'shuffle' of mining this is now it will now work.


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