Coops Challenge (No 8) Looms!

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Coops Challenge (No 8) Looms!

Post by Coops » Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:51 am

It's that time again folks! I will be holding the Eight 'Coops Challenge' starting on the 23rd of December at 11:00AM Game Time. I have a total of 48 Challenges for you plus the Server Wide Global Fuel Challenge.

Challenge Start: 23rd December 11:00 AM Game Time
Challenge End: 7th January 16:00 PM Game Time

Those of you that have taken part in the past will know that normally these challenges take place over a few weeks. This time we are running it from the 23rd to the 7th inclusive to give the RAID groups as much time as possible! Plus the values will be within grasp for the time frame.

Let's see how you do this time!

Prizes & Rewards

Global Fuel
We will be awarding 500 Fuel to a global Server-wide fuel reward for EACH challenge completed. That's a grand total of 24,000 Fuel up for grabs as a Fuel Ticket added to your Fuel depot if you complete them all.

Coops Goodie Sack
Of course, I will be running the 'Coops Goodie Sack' again this time around. As you complete stages I will update the sack of goodies to be gained by everyone that 'Takes Part'. I will create this post this once the competition is underway

Outstanding Player Awards
Also like last time we are keeping track behind the scenes of EACH and EVERY players contributions in EACH challenge area. Then come to the end I will be award 'special prizes' across a range of players based on who I feel went the extra mile to help complete the challenge goals. So, be your level 10 or level 200 you have a role to play and a chance to shine!

Pirate Mechs - This time around I've re-invited Dragon Bane, Greedy Wolf, Damnation, Dark Raven and Storm Killer to challenge you ALL to Mech Combat. We have set three goals and the Pirates (nasty fellows) will be dropping their mechs for the period of the Challenge. The mech Zone counter will be reset and its Pirates VS Players!

Collect and Hand in - During the Challenge you will be awarded 'Special Collection Items' (storyline to explain on the day) these can only be traded at one of the Challenge Exchange Offices. You will be awarded Festive Points for each one handed in and each and every one will count towards one of the challenge stages. I will open one in each of the Five non Alien Galaxies for you to hand in over the month-long Challenge.

Please note these will DISAPPEAR from your stores shortly after the competition closes. So hand them in QUICKLY!

Here's hoping you all have fun!

Don't forget to check in over in the chat and keep your EYES OPEN and READ the Game News Section (Header Text) for Dev announcements and Giveaways!


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