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Help Us & Help CE

Post by Coops » Sat Dec 02, 2017 4:58 pm

I keep a keen eye on certain sites to see where CE falls in the lists, and an eagle eye open to see if we can improve in some places. One of the places we set up our Game last years was indiedb.

We started rated in the 30,000 mark and slowly began to climb the Ranks. These days we seem to hold a good position in the top 200 and on excellent days we rank up there in the top 75.

Indiedb caters to players looking for something a little different so we tend to fit in there :)

If you have time to help out feel free to drop a post on our page or sign up and make a review. The more you can tell potential visitors about us the better. Feel free to tell folk how you find the game (warts and all) but hopefully, it will help bring more players to our doors!

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