December Arrives!

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December Arrives!

Post by Coops » Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:13 am

Well December has finally arrived. A personal favourite of mine here at Core Exiles as it gives me the opportunity to give away everything not bolted to the floor. I can finally turf out Droffy's storage closet and SirFoxey's Corner of the office where they have been stashing all the Christmas Goodies :)

Christmas Resource Tokens
I flicked the BIG Red switch in the Staff room this morning marked do not touch till December the 1st. This activates the Christmas Resource Token 'trade' function. You can access your Christmas Resource Tokens from the in game far left bottom tab. Of course you will need Tokens on your account to spend them but I have left their value at last years hard fought for amount.

I figured it was only fair as you worked so hard last year during the Coops Challenge to raise the value of the Tokens. Of course you can gain more tokens through purchases of the value of £25 from the store this December. For every £25 in real money (not gift Certs) you spend I will add a Christmas Resource Token to your account.

Rudolph & Donner N Blitzen
Of course as always when the 1st of December Rolls round we open up the stable and let our favourite reindeer out. Both these are account upgrades and can NOW be purchased through the CE store for December and the 1st week of January.

You can locate them OVER HERE

Festive December Giveaway
In the next few days we will crank up the Festive Giveaway. This will begin to reward you with Festive collectibles. These you can trade at the Festive Store or hand in at a new store created just for December. It works similar to how we ran the Halloween Exchange and you can hand them in for Christmas points. These you can then spend on Christmas Specials for your ship.

I will announce more on this when we open the Christmas Exchange. Till then you will be able to collect the Christmas Festive items and stash them away or choose to trade them in directly for festive points.

Coops Christmas Challenge
As is the way at this time of year, I will be running a Coops Challenge this month, Generally we run these over the Christmas and New Year Period so this year that means we start on Saturday the 23rd and run through till Sunday the 7th of January. Again as we get closer to the start date I will release more info,

I have some extra prizes and challenges lined up this time round so it should prove to be an interesting challenge. We will of course as has become the custome now, be running a Mech War during the Challenge as well.

CE Store Discount
I also wanted to point out that the CE Store discount code for December has been created and posted. It's 'cedecember' without the quotes :) Using that at check out on your basket will get you a 15% discount this month and is active will Midnight on the 31st.


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