VIP Store Now Open (In Game)

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VIP Store Now Open (In Game)

Post by Coops » Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:01 am

Some of you will have spotted that over the last few months I've mentioned from time to time words like Patreon and Pledge. This is an alternative method for players to help support Core-Exiles. It's a great way for those of you with only small amounts of monthly available spare funds to show your support.

The Patreon Site is set up to offer Rewards based on your Pledge amount. Currently, we have $1, $5 and $10 so as you can see not a king's ransom. Each pledge amount has its own set of rewards and you also get VIP points each month to the value of your pledge.

A while back I promised the Patreon supporters a way to 'spend' their VIP points in game and I have been working on a VIP store since then.

Today I have released the first instalment of this store. You can access the VIP Store (everyone) from the CE guides Tab. You will find the link at the bottom of the other links in that tab.

So whats on Offer?

Well, we have started with some of our favourites and also some that were suggested over on the Patreon site itself.

VIP Structure Points +5
VIP Fuel Booster +5
VIP Drone Points +5
VIP Advanced Asteroid Scanner
VIP Fuel Transfer Pass

Most of those are extensions of current in-game tech and systems, but the last one is a Brand new Game Changer.

For 3 VIP Points, you can purchase a VIP Fuel Transfer Pass. This enables you to access and USE the 'VIP Fuel Transfer' option over in the Right hand 'View Assets' tab. (anyone can view this page but only those with a VIP Fuel Transfer Pass can actually use it.

The Pass is a one-time consumable item but allows players to Transfer any amount fo Fuel (that you HAVE) from YOUR Fuel Depot account to ANOTHER player's Fuel Depot account. So if you want to send a buddy, friend or guildmate some fuel you now CAN!

If you want to send fuel to more than one player you will need more than 1 Fuel Pass. The process is instant and painless.

This is the first time in 11+ years that we have decided to introduce the Fuel transfer system and its due to the Excessive amount fo fuel sloshing around the Fuel Depots. In fact at last glance, there was close to 300+ million units stashed away between you all :)

Moving Forward
We currently have 21 Patreon's pledging support to Core-Exiles, as this grows (hopefully) I will listen closely to what they have to say. You have an opportunity to make changes, see more added and see your suggestions come to life. See the first Goal that was reached OVER HERE

For information on the Patreon Membership take a look OVER HERE

Make suggestions and let's see what we can do!


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