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New Wiki Home

Post by Coops » Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:37 pm

As you 'may' be aware we lost our old Wiki for a while. Took me a week of head scratching to revive it to a state it can be viewed, but little else could be done with it. I spent a lot of time looking into what happened and the reasons for the crash and problems with restoring backups.

I have installed a New Wiki on a new slot of CE Real Estate. This will be the Wikis New Permanent home. It's the same Media Wiki software but bang up to date with their latest updates and on a platform that's as modern as it gets php and SQL wise.

I have locked down account creation (for obvious reasons) and only those with accounts can edit / add to the wiki.

You are Free to Apply for an account if you wish to help out with the 'Player Run Wiki'.

You can Find the OLD Wiki OVER HERE

You can find the NEW Wiki OVER HERE

Currently Piko is working to restore the old posts from the old wiki to the new wiki, but as I say anyone who wants to help out or add new content can do so by applying to ME (Coops) Either here in the forums Via PM or Via PM in game. I will need your current live email address and also info on if you have used a Wiki (of any kind) before.

Personal Note: Whilst we host the wiki for security purposes and to retain overall control on whats published we (the CE staff) are not responsible for whats published on this wiki. Hopefully it will be good, up to date information, but if its not please understand this is a player driven and populated wiki.


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