New CE Official Store

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New CE Official Store

Post by Coops » Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:02 am

First off just to be clear - this is NOT an Aprils fools Joke, it just happens to fall on the 1st of April. I just wanted to be clear on that point before any rumours started :)

New Official Store
We have a New CE Official Store. In the 10 years we have been running Core-Exiles we have had two different stores and this one makes the Third and Final iteration.

For those simply looking for the Link : CLICK HERE FOR NEW STORE

Over the last year we have struggled keeping up with the Security patches and various issues that come with running an on-line store. So we started to look for an online Store 'Service'. Somewhere we could run a safe and secure yet 'CE Style' Store.

After a lot of looking and testing we settled on 3D Cart. They run a tight ship and we have a shiny new store with its own SSL certificate for when you want to look at your account or go shopping with peace of mind. The new store is HTML5 compliant and also works well on tablets and even sizes down for phones.

New Store - New Account
As with many things these days to ensure maximum security you will (sadly) need to create a new account on the new Store. It wont take you more than a few minutes and it's well worth it as we are giving away a FREE CES Extractor for simply creating an account!

We still have access at the moment to the old store and can access store order details and such, should we need to look back for a while. but to use the new store you must create a new account.

New Store - FREE Item
We thought why not make signing up for a new account a bit more fun. So we have decided that once you have done the sign up, contact me (Coops) in game and claim yourself a Free CES Extractor!

If you're new to CE or don't now what they are follow this LINK

Choose one to your liking and drop me Coops a quick note. I'll need your sign up email address, plus of course the CES Extractor you'd Like. There is no catch and you don't even need to purchase anything. Just a little something for signing up.

Gift Certificates
The new Store handles gift certificates slightly differently, but don't worry we have you covered. If you have an outstanding Gift Certificate balance on the old store simply contact me in game with your Real Name and Address used when creating your old store account.

We have also prepared a How to use Gift Certificates for the new Store. You can find a full guide over here : Gift Certificate Info

Store Overhaul
Lastly, it took some considerable effort and man hours to recreate the CE store. We took the time to dump a lot of dead weight (about 100 products) and reduced and normalised a lot of the prices.

Should we have removed something you desperately wanted just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

Hopefully you will enjoy the new store and be a happier shopper knowing your data and shopping experience is now safer and secure.


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