Five Becomes Eight

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Five Becomes Eight

Post by Coops » Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:56 am

I was pondering over a few comments I received about the Patreon system and its rewards these last few days and today decided to make a fundamental change.

From now on (and retroactively) anyone with an Active Patreon Pledge account will also get a Bump in the amount of C.E.S Extractors they can have down at any one time.

Normally that's Five, so those of you with Patreon Pledges active will now find you can deploy Eight at a time!

A nice freebie boost from me for helping support Core-Exiles.

Also: I've had a few enquiries about the Free C.E.S Extractor. As its Random what if you have more than (8) of them now.

Well if you get given a C.E.S that you HAVE more than 8 of any one type simply drop me a PM in game and let me know which one you prefer.

Sadly the process is automated to add one randomly and for most of you that seems fine but a few have expressed a concern. So If you get one you have 8 of let me know and I'll manually adjust.


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