V.I.P Combat Perks

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V.I.P Combat Perks

Post by Holiday » Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:36 pm

I've been thinking for a little bit now about some specific combat V.I.P perks. There's a few of them I have which I'll drop below. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

This would reduced the chance of a missed shot in combat. Not making it a 0% chance of course, but just making it more likely you'll land a hit.

Non VP overcharge:
After a certain level the VP weapons become too small to use. In upgrading you lose the ability for the overcharge shot. I know it could be unbalanced if it was a triple damage shot so maybe a chance of a double powered shot instead. This would only work on non VP weapons.

Combat loot boost:
I know we already have the combat loot maximizer pods which I use, but what about another small boost as a V.I.P upgrade. Something that is in the 30 point cost range but which boosts each window by +5 max loot.

V.I.P Midas pods for larger repair drones:
For awhile now we've only had omega 4 repair drones. These heal 4200 armour and hull each. With PM ships that 4200 is quite a bit under the max armour and hull now. They use to be more than big enough, but now they are a bit lacking. How about some VIP Midas pods that make omega drone 5, 6, 7, 8, and maybe even onward. Repair drones that heal 5200, 6200, 7200, and 8200 armour and hull.

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