Improved Genesis Loading. and Trade

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Improved Genesis Loading. and Trade

Post by pikolinianita » Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:50 pm

would be possible to loading multiple items into token with one click?
Now, we have to:
1) Write 1 next to LIght Mech
2) click
3) Write 1 Next to Heavy Mech
4) Click
...and so on...

Is it possible to change to:
1) Write 1 next to Light Mech
2) Write 1 Next to Heavy Mech
...and so on...
n) Click
And with one click all units would go into GPDS.

In case of errors (bad connect, platform overload, what else) you just exit script, player can always remove wrong units from GPDS, or add more.

Well, if it is possible, can we have similar thing for trade, removing/placing items from/to secure storage?
Trade would be most critical, I guess. Player have to create/name Box (like GPDS with unlimited space), put resources into it, with one click, like loading Genesis, add/remove some, if necessary, send box to other player (who can unbox resources to it's own CS, or pass box to another player).
I could imagine CE store/Vip POD for packing, unpacking not need any equipment.

Inspired by falconner post

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