'If Only' - Go Ahead make a Wish [Settlement]

This sections holds information on reaching Settlement Level Six and Beyond with your Settlement. 'General discussion' on settlements should be held elsewhere.
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'If Only' - Go Ahead make a Wish [Settlement]

Post by Coops » Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:00 pm

Level six is moving closer and closer to the curtain and we have now begun to release some information to stop an overload of your poor brain circuits when we eventually raise the curtain.

THIS POST outlines the current list of additions on Level Six settlements depending on the specializations. But it wouldn't be Core-Exiles if we didn't open the idea up to you as well. So take a read of the compiled list and then have a think...

What would you like to see on a Settlement? I would post in short first, rather than a thesis. We are also not promising to actually bring any of these suggestions to life, but those that we haven't thought of that are sensible and creative or add value we may well consider.

This isn't a competition to add as many zany ideas as you can think of, so please think about balance before responding. But you can be sure each and every response will be read by yours truly.

PLEASE - Keep on topic. We will simply ignore posts that are not and you'll only water down the effectiveness of this whole forum thread section. But this IS a chance for you to make your thoughts known.


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