Core Exiles Discord Server Rules & Regulations

Help on joining in the Core-Exiles community chat. We run a 24X7 dedicated Discord chat server. You can connect with the in game chat which opens in a browser or via one of their many desktop apps.
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Core Exiles Discord Server Rules & Regulations

Post by Coops » Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:24 am

1. Using the network:

Access to the discord servers is a privilege, not a right. Staff operators may remove users from the channels - temporarily or permanently - with reason.

All users must attempt to use their in game captain name if at all possible. You may append a short tag to indicate your status. We apprecite some ay have discord usernames already reserved that they use.

All public channels on the Core Exiles discord server operate with English as the default language. Whilst in the official channels, ALL communication will be in English.

2. Staff

If you have any problem with Staff, send a mail to, include your name, the name of the Staff member, tell us what happened and provide logs WITH time stamps.

Do not try to argue with a Staff Member after he or she has made clear that the discussion is over. Insulting, disrespecting or ignoring Staff will likely result in a ban.

3. The following are NOT allowed on the Core Exiles network

Message Flooding.
Infringement of any intellectual property or other right of any entity or person, including violating anyone's copyrights or trademarks or their rights of publicity.
Racism and/or Nazism...
Spamming and/or advertising.
Hacking (including Virus/Trojan distribution).
Non-Family channel language: Includes profanity, adult material and subjects. (Note Section 2)

4. Problems with users

You are expected to treat the staff and other users of Core Exiles with respect. If you feel another user is harassing you, /ignore that user, and report it to us at (Please provide logs WITH time stamps).

5. Illegal material, hate speech etc.

It is strictly forbidden to distribute any illegal material (e.g. mp3, warez, serialz, crackz), porn, racism, or other prohibited things on the Core Exiles Server. If you see such things here, please report it to us at (Please provide logs WITH time stamps).

6. Viruses, Worms etc.

If you notice someone spreading a virus, report it to us at (Please provide logs WITH time stamps).
Users spreading a virus intentionally will be banned from the server, and reported to their Internet Service Provider.

7. Miscellaneous

Nicknames of staff are protected. That means if you use one of these nicks, your nick might be forcibly changed by a staff member
Staff will interpret these rules if there is ambiguity as to how it applies to your situation.

Parental Guidance

Although we will do everything to make the entire network and specially the Official Network Channels child friendly, parents should be aware that Core Exiles cannot and does not guarantee that the content in chat rooms is suitable for children.

Children under the age of 18 should therefore have the consent of a parent before entering chat rooms.

These rules are subject to change, and it is the responsibility of the player to ensure they are familiar with, and abide by these rules.

Amended Last 13/09/2016


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