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New Channels

Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:29 am
by Coops
A few days back I relented and added some new channels to the Core-Exiles Discord server. I've been asked for some of these over time and recently had a few more requests so figured what the hell lets give them a go.

These are #Raid, #Trade and #Wiki, the latter is there to aid those trying so diligently to save as much data as they can from the old Wiki. The former two are there so that Trade chat can be removed from the main channel and ease the congestion of chat.

The Raid channel should hopefully make it easier for players to organise raid parties in advanced leaving notes and updates on the next raid party and allowing players a single point of meeting for these events.

I have been asked for separate Guild chats but at this time I think that might have a detrimental affected on main chat and I'm aware that several of the larger guilds in fact have their own chat channels else where so duplicating would only lead to confusion and further watering down of main chat.

We seem to be hovering around 100 active chatters over a typical 30 day period which far out scales the IRC days. So I for one feel moving to discord was the right move.