Discord Majopr Outage

Help on joining in the Core-Exiles community chat. We run a 24X7 dedicated Discord chat server. You can connect with the in game chat which opens in a browser or via one of their many desktop apps.
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Discord Majopr Outage

Post by Coops » Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:59 am

Discord has suffered a major gateway outage this morning the following is taken from their status page :
Identified - Looks like this is a pretty big outage! We're initializing protocol RESTART DISCORD. Service is starting to recover while everyone comes back online.
Sep 23, 02:48 PDT
Investigating - We're investigating issues w/ being unable to connect to discord at this time.
Sep 23, 02:33 PDT
I'm sure knowing the size of the operation it wont be too long before its back up.


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