Screen layout guide - Mining & Loot

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Screen layout guide - Mining & Loot

Post by Historical Archives » Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:23 pm

Mining and loot screen.

Mining is one of the easiest activities in Ce, even according to it's screens. When you hit the mine link when in orbit around an asteroid field, a screen will appear headed "mining interface screen" This will tell you your current scan wrating, then give you a button for each weapon equipped in your two weapons slots (though likely most of the time you'll just have the one). Unusually for Ce the button (now labeled "click me" thanks to a recent fix), to activate your mining laser is above rather than below it's label. So you'll see "click me), then just below something like "mining laser mk1 scan bonus %10). There is also an "exit mining interface" button at the bottom as well.

Really however the only button you'll need on this screen is the one with that handy "click me" label, indeed as with most of Ce navigating to the first button on the page is likely your friend when mining.

Aftering hitting "Click me" and activating your mining laser, you'll then be presented with the mining results screen which is highly similar to the combat results screen and shows you what three things your laser grabbed from the asteroid. At the top is a heading of your current location, then across the screen (though depending upon your screen reader columnization they may appear in a list form), you'll see the three lables for the three results, first their quantity something like "qty 5", "Qty 10", and "qty 4" Then underneith the names of the three resources eg "ore", "Gravimit", "biogenic Ore" and then finally three buttons labeled "Tractor" under that you'll see a message telling you how much free cargo space you have, and finally an "Exit collection" button.

One very interesting thing about collecting your mining results, is that once you've hit the "tractor" button for the thing you want, the quantity will be set to zero, the comodity to "n/a" and the "tractor" button will be disabled, (this will also happen if you've only managed to get two positive results with your laser and scanners). This means that once again as in most of Ce, going to the first button on the page is your friend if your just out for vacuming resources and not caring what you get, since it'll take you straight to "tractor" then when you've grabbed all three resources the first button will be "exit collection", then on the main mining laser screen it'll be that "click me" which brings up the results again. Though bare in mind there is a problem with this stratogy.

If you should come across rare loot, such as a crystal, it'll always show up in the third column and usually with a cquantity of one. Thus, if your just hitting the first button on the page and tractoring straight through your lyable to miss those sorts of rare finds, since if you fill your hold before picking up rare loot, you'll be instantly kicked to the "you have 0 space left in your cargo hold" message, so it's good to keep track of how full your hold is getting even if your just trying to cram in as much ore as possible. On the plus side, you'll instantly know when your out of space because the first button on the "Zero space" screen is labeled "exit mining"

Also however, when clicking through buttons, take care not to miss events, and if you run across a button labeled "continue" read the screne to see what happend or otherwise you might miss some amusing aventures of your captain, or even miss that you've just levelled up in the heat of your rock hunting.

Another thing to note is that if your doing a fom mission, the text note from your Ai saying that you've located a unit of the mission ore your looking for appears right at the bottom, under the "exit collection" button and the "you have x cargo space" So, it's usually best to occasionally just check the "active fom missions" item in the second dropdown menue which will tell you how many loads of mission ore you have and how many you still need to find.

Even if your not planning on being a miner, the combat loot screen is almost identical to the mining results screen, accept obviously with different resources. The only major differences are that at the top of the combat results screen are links to go to ship repare or combat scan, so be careful to make sure you've clicked all the buttons first. Also, while if your just collecting cargo comodities from your defeated foe, the buttons will read "Collect All", On the combat screen however, if there's a special loot item of some sort the button is just labeled "collect" making it quicker and easier to find if your just hitting buttons fast, rather than on the mining screen where the "tractor" lable is the same whether your pulling in a load of common ore or a rare grey crystal.

dark empathy, Nov 18, 2013

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