Screen layout guide - Ship Loadout

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Screen layout guide - Ship Loadout

Post by Historical Archives » Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:22 pm

Ship loadout screen.

This is found through the "Ship loadout" link on the bottom panel. Because in Ce it always pays to keep swapping out equipment sets, this is a screen which you will be seeing a lot. Each equipment slot for your ship, it's two weapon slotts, three system slots, cargo expander slot, two energy slots, shield slot and energy type shows up as a button. The lables for these buttons will initially display that the slot is empty, for example "Weapon slot 1 empty" however once you have something installed in there it's name will be displayed, eg "mining laser mk1" if your screen reader can read mouseover text, or has a way of positioning the mouse pointer without clicking, you can also get the stats of the item such as it's skill requirements and damage or output. For example in Supernova if I hit right ctrl delete when on a button to hover the mouse pointer over it, I can then go down to the bottom of the screen to read the information. Of course however, since clicking on any equipped item wil tell you it's stats anyway, this isn't a necessity.

The buttons are arranged in two small tables, with the weapon and system slots first and then all the others, however since all the tables do is give a heading of which slot is which they're not particularly worth worrying about and it's far quicker just to navigate through the buttons. At the bottom (just above your mail box), is the "Exit load out screen button"

If you click on any of the buttons for an equipped item, you'll be ttaken to a screen giving the full information for the item, including it's description, stats, skille requirements, captain level etc, (the same you'd get when viewing the item in a shop or the Cedr), with two buttons at the bottom to return to loadout or to unequip the item. After you've unequipped the item you'll be taken to a quick confirmation box with a button and then returned to your ship loadout.

To equip an item, click on an empty slot. You'll then be taken to a list of all the types of items of that sort you have arranged in one of those tables with buttons ala the promenade showing item name, the quantity you own (qty), it's type, skill and amount required, damage (or energy output or whatever stat), whether it needs a certificate, and finally an equip button.

So you might for example see "mining laser mk 1, mining 10, 5, 5, no, and the equip button"

As with many other screens in ce, it's also possible to go through quickly by just following the equip buttons.

Since the ship loadout screen is the same layout as is used for your personal loadout (where you equip spacesuits and oxygen to go exploring), and the specials and pods screens too, it's a good one to be able to navigate quickly, especially since if you want to become a veteran player you'll be doing lots of swapping in and out different peaces of equipment and thanks to accessible labeling on the buttons (a great access fix made to the game in 2010), that is very easy to do.

dark empathy, Nov 11, 2013

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