Maps for Galaxies described, part 3

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Maps for Galaxies described, part 3

Post by PrimeMcNee » Sat Jun 13, 2015 3:24 pm

Here follows the description of Expanse galaxy.

But first you'll get some general information for travelling in Expanse and about some differences with the other Galaxies.

General information:

Expanse is much different from other galaxies to travel, because it's an alien galaxy.
There are two types of aliens: Naristo and Javoran.
Naristo are friendly, Javoran are hostile.

For anything you want to buy from Naristo you need a different currency, called Talas and you also need Naristo Loyalty Cubes.
There are a lot of NPC that will trade resources for talas, but there is no bank to trade credits for talas.
An other way to earn talas is by transporting alien passengers or take cargo from valoren freight division.
Another way to get those cubes is trading sets of alien containers, alien spores, gaia elements or alien virus cubes with certain NPC's.

First info is on entering expanse:

To enter expanse you need a special, called an inter-galactic telemetary beacon or ITB.
This allows you to travel to Yam and it's neighbouring systems Urnagh and Rismoro.
In these three systems you can find some planets where you can deploy exotic extractors.

To unlock the other systems, you need an alien language decoder or ALD fitted.
The schematics for the ALD are provided by the alien justice league.
The implantation of the ALD needs to be done by an NPC called Ora Atweeke on Deyd in the Braran System in the verec per galaxy.

Second info is on surveying expanse systems:

To unlock new systems you need to use astro drone (survey).
Every system you unlock gives you 50 astro navigation data points, that you need for surveying the next system.
Per day you can deploy 200 survey drones.
The amount of succesfull surveys increases for every next system to unlock.

This means there's only one direction to follow.
You need to unlock this galaxy system by system in a strict order.

The first system to unlock is Ranorr.

This can be done by three types of survey drones:
basic astro drone (survey)
medium astro drone (survey)
advanced astro drone (survey)
The basic survey drone can be crafted.
All three can be build by using an alien ic factory (survey)

Third info is on explorations:
For planetary explorations you need the Zane Space Suit.
You can also deploy exploration mechs, but they will also damage your ECO UPV, so be very carefull, otherwise you can lose it.
There are three types of mechs, but planetary exploration is another subject to describe, than this map.

There are no normal derelicts to explore.
There are some big alien derelicts, that can be salvaged.
Salvage in Expanse is also very different from the other galaxies and
not the subject for this topic either.

Finally, the expanse map:

The expanse map that is visable for all players is nothing more than a rough scetch.
The galaxy isn't completely unlocked yet, so locations for asteroids, fuel depots and nebula are still hidden for all players.

You enter Expanse from the most southern system of the outer circle in Sphere galaxy, called Sharia, or by the Anchor Gatesystem to Yam in the north east of this alien galaxy.

It has an outer circle and a main route, from east to west, through the center from Oremy to Tantas.

The outer circle, clockwise:

Yam Urnagh Ranorr Oremy Kuit Drald Livor Haine Heed Aleon Tantas Luna Venys Rismoro Yam

There are two dead ends:

Rismoro Peraq Doon

Here it devides into two directions

Doon Garntur

Doon Elmith Salem

Main route through the circle, from east to west:

Oremy Cine Vorser Chiryn Tasina Asyt Perkler Perosh Tinatu Morper Verp Siang Askdan hyden Tondel Pheen Sching Oskali Entana Asbur Tantas.

There are six dead ends

Chiryn Lorcer Shyor Kelper Kiom

Perosh Dian Awin Ormult Emirt Nalos Darath

Perosh Libun Belime Soves

Siang Banran

Here it devides into two directions:

Banran Quess

Banran Osundu

Here again it devides into two directions:

Osundu Raduk

Osundu Emow

That's it,

All six galaxies are now described and this proces was a worthwhile experience for me in understanding how this works best if this information is spoken out by reader programs.
It was almost like learning a new language.

I like to thank all players who gave me feedback for translating these maps into easily readable guides.

My special thanks go to Sparky for supporting me all the way.

I hope you will enjoy your flight and have a safe landing :D

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Re: Maps for Galaxies described, part 3

Post by dagarush » Sat Jul 11, 2015 7:42 am

Thank you very much Prime. Reality is definetly different than my perception. I cannot express to you my sincere gratitude for taking the time to describe the maps. Things make a lot more sense to me now.

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Re: Maps for Galaxies described, part 3

Post by Sparky » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:23 pm

Go Prime!
You da man!
If at first you don't find a mission ore, try and try again :)

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