Maps for Galaxies described, part 2

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Maps for Galaxies described, part 2

Post by PrimeMcNee » Tue Jun 09, 2015 7:17 am

Here we continue the journey through the Galaxies called Anvil, Verec Per and The Forge.

As described in the Sphere map, Anvil and The Forge are connected to the outer circle of Sphere Galaxy by Vesesia and Palolon.

Anvil lies in the south east and The Forge lies in the north west.
Verec Per connects these two galaxies like a banana or boomerang shaped galaxy with Warloro in the north east corner.

First Galaxy is Anvil:

From Vesesia you can enter Anvil by Lucifer or jump to the Anchor Gate in Trantor from any system in any galaxy

Anvil has one main route

Lucifer Trantor Xellum Bolos

There are two dead ends

Trantor Darklight

Xellum Canby

Second Galaxy is Verec-per

From Bolos you can enter Verec-per by Torbray or use the Anchor gate in Tornsul

There are four circles in Verec-per. Three are connected to each other.
This means there's not really a main route.

Torbray Elmquae Voren

Voren is part of the first cicle:

Voren Sayet Honrako Eema Bress Oengo Kinbnal Beud Chethera Taime Voren

There's only one dead end in the entire Verec Per galaxy:

Sayet Zhusul Utono

Oengo and Kinbnal are part of the second circle directly on top of the first:

Oengo Tornsul Warloro Kinbnal Oengo

Tornsul and Warloro are part of the third circle directly west of the second:

Tornsul Angusti Vosay Warloro Tornsul

From Angusti you can continue west to

Kalerd Mostony

Here the fourth circle begins:

Mostony Phaud Veryst Braran Thraeg Hathom Mostony

Third Galaxy is The Forge

Braran lies in the most west part of Verec-per and connects it to The Forge by Belus

There's one main route:

Belus Hammer Torc Zarante Arclight

There are two dead ends

Zarante Dranor

Zarante Psychlo Terl

Finally, you can return to Sphere from Arclight by Palolon

Useful locations for Anvil:

Achor Gate is on Popovich in Trantor system

Fuel depot

Darklight Xellum


Usefull locations for Verec-per:

Anchor Gate is on Honiru in Tornsul system

Fuel depot
Voren Tornsul

Elmquae Voren Zhusul Eema Oengo Warloro Angusti Mostony Hathom

Utono Kinbnal Thraeg

Useful locations for The Forge:

Anchor Gate is on Olympia in Zarante system

Fuel depot

Torc Psychlo Terl


Enjoy your journey and have a save flight :)

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Latest MapsRe: Maps for Galaxies described, part 2

Post by Sparky » Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:39 pm

They are the best yet Prime, well done.
I never knew that Anvil was in the South East.
That is the kind of perspective that makes a cool difference.
Otherwise it is just a list of names with no sense of direction.
Thanks for doing this pal.
If at first you don't find a mission ore, try and try again :)

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